City Sentinal

Any outside environment is subject to weather conditions, but when security is at stake, no one can risk loosing valuable information at any geographical point. City Sentinel is a High Performance Digital Video Encoder for 1 to 2 cameras. It is the optimal solution for large areas with specific and diverse weather conditions.

It is an embedded DSP video module that allows full motion video and multiple concurrent formats by channeling its information in digital form, while transmitting it through our patented architecture.


  • Embedded Content Analysis for:

          - detecting and identifying people, vehicles, and objects

          - tracking objects to determine if they pose a threat according to    

            predefined rules (perimeter breach, left bag, theft, counter flow, 

            loitering, etc.)

  • Rugged and reliable

  • High Performance frame rate

  • Scalable to an unlimited amount of cameras without affecting performance.


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