This product is specifically designed for the banking industry as an integrated  solution to reduce fraud and provide surveillance. It is an embedded networked Video Server with 4 video inputs. The system captures digital video images and data information of every transaction activity. The use of Vzip ATM automatically documents transaction information and video while reducing investigation time.

Reliable Records of Transaction Activity 

  • Transaction Matching capabilities provide precise
    numbered video records for easy searching

  • Better management of information and aiding in fast
    resolution of claims and fraudulent activity

  • System significantly reduces investigation time

  • Search capabilities by: Card Number, Account Number,
    Amount, Date, etc.

Accessibility of Video and DATA

  • Provides instant local and remote access to unlimited amount of branches

  • Systems can be interconnected (LAN/WAN/Internet/Intranet)

  • Systems can be configured remotely and are hardware/software secured


  • Centralized administration

  • System can be serviced remotely

  • Event-triggered video recording reduces storage requirements

  • Identifies & immediately alerts user of potential security breaches


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