Evident XB
Evident XB is the new revolutionary system that changes video surveillance as we know it. Unbounded network-ability with an optimal compression scheme allows Evident to be the unique component in providing security to the banking industry.

In addition to local and remote surveillance of video and alarms, it can store millions of transaction events for cost effective and timely remote fraud investigations.

Benefits of Evident XB:

  • Our patented VS scalability technology allows multiple users to access an unlimited number of sites.

  • Provides instant local and remote access to an unlimited amount of branches.

  • Transaction Matching capability provides accurate number of video records for easy investigation of all ATM and Tellers transactions.

  • Unique multiple concurrent video formats allows for optimal surveillance and fraud documentation, recording and monitoring.

  • Uses less amount of the network bandwidth due to our innovative compression technology.

  • Outstanding compatibility with a bank's existing security network.


  • Fully networkable Digital Video Server

  • Modular configurations from 8 to 24 cameras

  • 3U size rack mountable chassis

  • 720 frames per second maximum

  • User selectable resolutions of: 720x480, 640x480, and 320x240


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