IVIS is a fully networked video intelligence solution with full integration capacity
to an unlimited amount of cameras at different remote areas. Our distributed network video surveillance system was designed for the sole purpose of providing high performance imaging while using video analytics at optimal functionality and cost effectiveness.

Innovative Architecture for Video Analysis

Improvement of surveillance capabilities while reducing the amount of monitoring stations and personnel due to the ability to detect and identify objects of interest such as: people, vehicles, objects, trespassing, loitering, object left behind and object removed.

Distributed Video Platform

IVIS is an enterprise solution suitable for maximum performance with high security requirements such as airports, ports, cities, wide areas, military and manufacturing facilities (pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, etc.) and banking industry.


  • Video modules allows for full motion video and multiple concurrent formats

  • Fully programmable and upgradeable platform

  • Video intelligence is embedded in
    the video encoders


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