Central Monitoring Stations

A) It entails the collection of all data and images needed to detect risks

B) During foreseeable emergencies, it is divided into four stages:

Detection of potential risks

Detection of remote risks

Detection of high risks

Detection of imminent risks

Impact Sentinel - Allows to take video of affected areas and process it in order to have an accurate assessment of the damages and incidents

Weather Sentinel - Allows to predict weather related incidents in order to take precautions

The monitoring station is capable of deploying one or all cameras simultaneously in the same station.

Allows all cameras to be deployed simultaneously in all monitoring stations.

Each monitoring station can deploy any camera, regardless of any other monitoring station.

The system has the capability to install the monitoring software in additional PC stations from any geographical location.

Functionality of movement detection through the alarms.

The system has the capability of remotely manipulating electrical appliances using the X10 technology.


Proactive Actions (Preventive Surveillance)

More Surveillance with less personnel

Verification (recording) of events

Additional tool against crime

Low operational cost

Low cost to increase system coverage

Cost effective, easy implementation, flexible

Unlimited number of cameras


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