City Wide Video Surveillance

Every day, a normal city will have to dispatch a number of units regarding public safety. These entities range from law enforcement, fire stations, emergency management and medical emergencies. These are crucial agencies for the security of any city. When human lives are at stake, an integrated communication channel must be at play.

To provide quality of life some degree of coordination is needed in order to manage threatening situations. Since more than a one agency is involved, a Central Monitoring Station is needed. Video Sentinel covers all stages, form the initial detection of events to the final recovery operation.

It entails the collection of all DATA and images needed to detect risks and respond to emergencies. During the foreseeable incidents, it is divided into four stages:

  • Detection of Potential risks

  • Detection of Remote risks

  • Detection of high risks

  • Detection of imminent risks

Components of City Video Sentinel

A) City Wide Video Surveillance for Intersections, High Incidence locations, Businesses and Residences.

B) Impact Sentinel Allows to take video of impacted areas and process it in order to have an accurate assessment of the damages and incidences.

C) Weather Sentinel Allows to predict weather related incidents in order to take proactive actions.

Benefits of City wide Video Surveillance:

  • Proactive actions (Preventive Surveillance)

  • Full surveillance with less personnel. (Cost reduction)

  • Verification (recording) of events

  • Additional tool against crime

  • Low operational cost

  • Cost effectiveness for escalating system

  • Flexibility to escalate system to unlimited number of cameras


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