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Every year, banks spend huge amounts of money and time investigating fraud and still they end up crediting million of dollars to customers who make fraud claims. Although ATM’s are the main focus of these criminal activities, fraud also occurs within the institution. Banks have to contend with an entire spectrum of offenders, from petty criminals to high tech thieves.

Rapid detection of fraudulent activity is essential for banks to reduce loss of money. Our patented technology allows us to integrate any banking transaction to video. This solutions operates at the ATM level and the bank teller level.  Other uses for this technology is Human Resources focused. Banks can evaluate Teller performance, gather marketing information as well as detect any type of inside collusion.

Avant Technologies uses a powerful combination of superior performance on a highly scalable distributed architecture. Digital Video Security serves a deterrent to crime and also gives managers the tools they need for fast investigations as well as cost effectiveness. To assist in losses for banking institutions, the concept of video surveillance is far more complex than just digital recording.

Avant Technologies has developed numerous applications in order to provide digital video surveillance, transaction matching with video, centralized monitoring and video intelligence for banking institutions. These technologies offer a wide range of cost reducing and production enhancing functions for any ATM as well as any financial branch. The main goal of our solutions aim at increasing the business objectives of the financial institution, and its focus on customer growth as well as an image of “best security practices”.

Video Surveillance that detects and alerts personnel of any suspicious activity, or in an area, or at a time that is inconsistent with official policies enhance the responsiveness of the security staff and investigators, IT staff, marketing and other business resources. Vzip ATM and Evident Series can integrate with 3rd party security equipment such as Access Control systems and alarm panels.

Benefits of our Transaction Matching Solution

Integrated Facilities Monitoring Capabilities

  • Provides immediate remote view into any branch on the network

Smooth Transition

  • Integrates seamlessly with a bank’s existing security system

  • Digital video recorders replace VCR’s,  cabling, monitors while maintaining existing cameras

Upgradeability and Scalability

  • Software installations are the only items required to upgrade the systems of multiple branches

  • Availability of customized applications to fit an institutions specific needs


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