Small Business Market
In order to comply with our small size clients demands, Avant Technologies has created several packages in order to comply with our small business clients. We have adapted our industrial and customized solutions to offer remote video surveillance with capacity to integrate itself to city wide video surveillance.

Our new line of cameras range from Vandal domes, high resolution domes, standard resolutions domes, high resolution infrared cameras and robotic zoom cameras. Our clients have the options of choosing whichever combination in order to add layers of security to unique environments.

Using TCP/IP, the I/O block can control any electrical appliances through our security systems from anywhere in the world. Also, our systems can record over a year of selective data with just a push of a button.

Our Video Sentinel small business client software uses an integrated communications application that will alert you of any activities within the protected area. Once motion is detected, Video Sentinel sends a message to your pager and an e-mail message with an attached image from the camera that triggered the event. Log-in to the Internet, from anywhere in the World, and monitor live video of your home or office using our software.

In addition to our existent products we are currently developing a transaction-matching solution for the retail industry. Future products include new enhancements in addition to the family of network video surveillance systems plus the use of developed core technologies for other targeted markets.


Avant Technologies has used its vast expertise in complex security systems by applying it to everyday businesses. We know that small businesses canít afford to loose any inventory or risk the lives of their customers. Our DVR is just the thing to create a security perimeter in which customers have a sense of security while owners can have a watchful eye of everything that occurs. Our cameras are used for High Quality markets such as Banks, Cities and Federal regulated industries. We offer these cameras for any entities that needs a robust and reliable camera. Our customers cannot afford to have an ineffective security solution when the time that is needed arises.


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