Internet / Intranet Solutions

In our present day, companies need to communicate with their clients and providers utilizing technologies that reduce costs while providing the highest efficiency in the use of resources.

Ccompanies also need to unite different equipment in networks, in order to manage internal information as well as any other branches it may have geographically separate from their prime location, as if it were one single network.  Present Internet technology permit businesses to cut distances between offices y buildings greatly reducing communication costs and increasing efficiency.

In Avant Technologies we are specialists with Intranets, the internet application for business, that allows the conservation of resources by optimizing their use.

We offer the following services:

  • Implementation of Internet connections in your business.
  • Installation of Web Servers.
  • Installation of email systems, such as Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server
  • Implementation of communication ties between your business and other locations utilizing Virtual Private Networks.
  • Implementation of remote access to servers solutions utilizing Citrix Metaframe
  • Installation of Firewalls like Microsoft ISA Server.
  • Implementation of administration systems for local networks.
  • Website Design

In Avant Technologies we have personnel certified by such companies as Microsoft y Novell that assure that our solution will be the most appropriate for you're needs.


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