Avant Technologies offers the service of Information Security Consultation so that your company can inform itself on the level of security that it currently has in its network and exterior connections.

The wide use of the Internet with the passing of time, has helped companies to resolve their necessities of communication with the exterior world as well as within themselves.  This has permitted companies to reduce costs by utilizing a technology within reach of everyone.

The utilization of the Internet for communication between businesses has presented the problem of  hackers, cyberterrorists, electronic fraud, cyber vandals,  digital crime, etc.  The surge and explosion of Internet businesses which has provided companies the opportunity to reach new markets and better productivity and profits, has inadvertently created a group of people with different motivations, seek to infiltrate these communications over the world wide web in various forms.

Through an Information Security Audit, we evaluate how secure your network is. We perform an exhaustive analysis of all potential vulnerable points, including penetration tests. As part of the audit, we make precise recommendations on the necessary measures needed to protect your network.


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